The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Monday, November 19, 2007

TVXQ This Weekend

OK guys, here it is...the much awaited return of Korean pop group sensation...TVXQ or better know as Dong Bang Shin Qi. The mega stage structure began work last Friday and as of today (based on my latest report), some 70% of the stage is ready! Korean technical guys are flying in sometime tomorrow to inspect and will be working closely with our own local technical guys.

I will be at the stadium tomorrow (Tuesday) to bring back some pictures of the mega stage structure and will definitely post them here to "hype up" the excitement. Many of your fans out there have been asking me on their flight arrivial. Honestly, I don't know that yet. But you can quite safely be on "standy by" for...hmmm...Friday evening? Don't say you got that info from me!!!

OK, so everything all set? Got your tickets? Check out this blog for more daily updates! Remember, stage construction pics on this blog tomorrow late nite.

The official poster

The stage and seatings layout

Some of you guys during the ticket sales launch at Sg Wang Plaza

The boys at the recent press conference.
See you guys this Saturday at Stadium Merdeka!!!


Anonymous said...

wow~i love ur job~~~waiting for ur update...and ur latest info about dong bang shin ki...hehe...sure u know right?coz u still need to be at airport to take their photo de mah~

Orchid said...

Annyeong Michael Sin,

Hey...waiting for pics on the stage work. Will do a post as soon as we can get hands on your pics...

Yes... very excited about the concert!


Anonymous said...

i just wish u wud told us their flight arrival..haha.. but then i heard it's on 8pm..*sigh*