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The Official Car Sticker

Friday, November 23, 2007

TVXQ Stage Setup - Final Touches

Ok, here are some pics from today's shootings. Most of the props and stuffs are all up. Just to take note, there will be this SUPERB undersea affect with the TVXQ boys "swimming" on air! They are being "hung down" from 50 feet high to simulate an undersea swimming effect with a super Barco projector shooting on a huge white piece of cloth. Great effect!

Also to watch out for those hydraullic mechanism...the boys appearing in and out from under the stage. Coll stuffs. I guess I'll see you guys on Sat. Here are some latest pics...

The mega stage props
The stage showing more props

The Zone B and Zone C seating areas

Sound engineer busy at work
The rotating bridge...something to watch out for!
The undersea swimming effect...the boys to be flown from 50 feet down

The white screen for the image projection of the undersea
The stage lightings...preliminary programming now


Alea said...
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Kim said... nice! lucky dude, get to see behind-the-scenes. ;)

Babyboss Pictures said...

Thank you. Babyboss Pictures officially welcomes participants from StarCeleb! Thanks for dropping by!