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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Wedding Shoot

I don't do as many wedding shoots as most professional wedding photographers out there. I get like maybe 1 wedding shoot in 1.5months while most pros out there gets around 6 jobs in the same period of time. I did one wedding shoot today and the last one was just 2 weeks ago (my own cousin's).

Both these weddings set my mind into thinking about marriage, the vows you make, the promises you make unto each other, etc. What about divorces? I mean a marriage has to take place first before a divorce can come along. With that in mind, I somehow feel that a wedding is so superficial, so fragile, so thin. A promise for the moment but never eternal or can it always be otherwise? I mean, I now begin to question and doubt "a wedding". Yes, it is indeed a joyous occasion but who can guarantee an eternal partnership? Couples throw in tens of thousands of dollars into this industry but never knowing if its gonna be "till the end". Even the groom's parents...they are divorced.

Sigh...forget it, I am just talking craps! Anyway, here are some interesting pics of myself from the day's shoot. All images taken by Caxton Chow.

#1 Me, just before the shoot starts.

#2 Me in action with the video camera.

#3 An interesting picture. Its assorted jelly inside egg shell.

#4 Me in action. A very tight stairway!

#5 A very nice picture.

#6 Me having a light moment with the bride.

#7 Me in video action at Charis Church just before the Holy Matrimony!

#8 Beautiful pairs of chopsticks as door gifts.

#9 Managed to grab a shot with both the bride and the bride's maid.

#10 A picture here with the wedding couple.

#11 Me shooting at the dinner reception, Palace Of The Golden Horses.

#12 Nothing to do after the event.

#13 That's it. All done, ready to go home!

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