The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NuffNang - Part II

Hmm, interesting reports given by the NuffNang client server. Now I know how my blog visitors come and go; and where to come from and what time the like to come. Here is the latest report 9pm today.

  1. I had 12 visitors at 4pm this evening. Hourly average of 2-3 visitors per hour, making a total hit rate of 46 (up to 9pm tonite).
  2. Visitors come from Malaysia (65.5%), US (10.2%), Indonesia (6.1%), Philippines (6.1%), Singapore (4.1%), Thailand (2%), New Zealand (2%), UK (2%) and Jamaica (2%).
  3. Search keywords used were (besides those already mentioned) : pinkpau su ann, pinkpau, suruhanjaya syarikat malaysia putra place, images of a stage setup and dayang amirah.
  4. New links came from, and

Hmmm...interesting reports. I am beginning to like this NuffNang aside.

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