The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I just registered this blog to an online ad provider, NuffNang (Asia's first blog advertising community). Apparently, if traffic volume to one's blog is high enough, one gets paid a certain amount. Not too bad if your blog really does have high traffic volume! My friend, PinkPau Su Ann has heavy traffic volume to her blog and she makes some hundreds a week!

Anyway, I have started my very own journey to making money online. With about 40 hits a day to this blog, I think I am on my way to being a millionaire!!! Muahahahaha... I found out something very interesting a while ago. I clicked into my account at NuffNang and checked my hits and stuffs and this is what I found out.

  1. 68.2% of my blog readers come from Malaysia, 13.6% from US, 4.5% from Indonesia, 4.7% from Philippines, 4.5% from Singapore and 4.5% from Jamaica. [Jamaica??? LOL]

  2. I had 18 hits from 12midnight till 11am this morning.

  3. Most commonly used keywords are myfm, eric tsang, sexiest women, toyoto alphard and babyboss. [haha...I guessed I chose the right name for my company]

  4. Referral sites are from Danny One's site (Malaysian artiste / singer), angiemrsandylau's site and the rest are from Google search.

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