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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Financial Success?

Recently (about two months ago), I seem to be so soaked into the subject of investment and learning on how to make your money work for you. The idea of creating a residual income is getting excitingly interesting. Maybe its because I was "that poor" before and do not want to repeat that same mistake again. I mean, I just want to be sure that my money is in "active mode" and not just shrinking month by month. It is also a terrible idea to spend everything we worked hard for and thinking we can "work hard again" for the next spending season.

I have finished reading (for the 3rd time) Robert Kiyosaki's first book, the renowned "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" published in 1999. And have now almost half way with his second book, "Cashflow Quadrant". It is exciting to know how one can move from being an employee to a self-employed (that's what I am now), and moving on to business owner and finally an investor. It is a great book I must say. The third book from Kiyosaki that I have is this "Guide To Becoming Rich, Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards". How interesting. I mean, so many of us, after some time, tend to go though this process of getting into credit cards debts!

I spent the afternoon today reading at The Borders, Times Square (my new favourite hangout place now) and could not resist but to own this new book that I was flipping through, The Warren Buffet Way (by Robert G Hagstorm). Yes...I bought it.

A friend of mine commented that I am going crazy with money and that I am now so "money minded". What he didn't understand was the strategy to making your money yours. I am not being money minded, I am just being money conscious. Financial success is not about how much money you make, but how much you keep. Many people work hard and also play hard. This theory is fine with me. Its just that some of us play hard too early.

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