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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Friends Or Foes?

There are moments in life where you just feel like you've lost almost everything. These are the days when all bad news come in together at one go, trashing you left and right, making you loose almost every inch of balance you have left. These are also the days where you feel most betrayed and "cheated". You feel that all the loyalty and commitment you showed to this someone, a company or an association, has just vanished into thin air. Suddenly you feel you are now standing on the other side of the river, all alone.

This feeling sucks. This feeling is very defeating. This feeling demotivates and discourages.

I am now in the midst of such an experience.


auDrey said...

boss...dont b so down..
"every cloud has a silver lining"
CHEER UP!~!~!~babyboss hwaiting!!!

carpe diem(",)v

비비안 said...

while Audrey dong saeng cheer u up... me???

All I can say.. life is like that...

I have been betray by someone before.. and it is really hurt... but in the end i face it b'cos this is life... Life is full of betray, hate and love. If you don't have this kind of thingy in ur life.. it will be boring.

THink to the positives site.

But remember... Tomorrow is a better day

Yun Yi said...

I used to be in such situations too...that's when we can really see who our true friend is...and who's not...I guess that was jz part and parcel of life..


Babyboss Pictures said...

Audrey, 비비안 and Yun Yi,

Thanks for all your words of encouragement and motication. Actually I was not exactly betrayed or was just a feeloing I had that particular day. Sometimes, too many "bad news" flood in at one same time...too much to handle!