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The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hong Kong - At A Glance

I was assigned to Hong Kong some years back on two separate occasions to cover several concerts and media interviews. The first was FIR's concert, then Stephanie Sun's media interview and then on another trip covering Jolin Tsai's concert at the infamous Hong Kong Coliseum (something like our Putra Stadium at Bukit Jalil). There is always some free time before and after the main concert proper. So, I went walking around. I have been to Hong Kong three times in total. Here are some pics to share at random...

I stayed here at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel (5-star, dude!)

Check out the hotel's swimming pool. comments.

Condominiums in Hong Kong goes as high as almost 40 stories each block.

Their version of Petaling Street. This is "Ladies Street" or locally known as "Lui Yan Kai". Everything here, generally immitation stuffs, is a bargain.

"Human traffic jam" is a very common sight in Hong Kong.

And of course, good food is everywhere.

Inside the ferry that takes you from mainland Hong Kong to New Territory (the island).

My colleagues from CMG and media people from Astro. This is the only picture I have of myself from the entire trip! LOL

Taxis outnumbers private cars!

Still, human traffic is everywhere!

A typical magazine stall hawker. Apparently, soft porn materials are openly and legally available in Hong Kong. Even 7-11 sells them! Oh ya, the hotel has in-house "pay-per-view" soft porn movies openly available. The previews are free! keke...

A typical coffee shop...commonly known as "char sat".

Digital stuffs are everywhere in Hong Kong. I was shocked to see the different amount of designs of bluetooth devices!

The next day, our tour guide (forgot his name) took us out for a half day tour. He speaks fluent English and he is a university graduate!!! This is a 28-seater "mini-bus".

The first thing we did...DIM SUM BREAKFAST!!! Its something every visitor must try. And we were brought to this "high class" restaurant. Somehow, for some reason...the place was flocked by the older citizen. They occupy some 85% of the restaurant!!!

And you will have to beat the queue with some fierce old "ah pohs" just to grab your share of "har kau" and "siew mai". You will never get your food if you try to be "nice". You just have to take and go...never look back! LOL

The "tongkangs". Used in the movies to smuggle drugs and illegal firearms!

Deep Water Bay (I think) or locally known as "Sum Sui Wan". The only beach in Hong Kong. I think the guide said that its land reclaimed. Jacky Chan's house is right up there...the brown one!

The Peninsula Hotel (6-star). Patronised by the celebrities and the rich and famous.

Escada Boutique

Selvatore Ferragamo Boutique

Louis Vuitton


Aha...Hard Rrrock Cafe!!! Something I can afford...finally!!!

The World Trade Center. It has got a huge magnificent hall.

The Arena Of Stars

Rubbish from construction is towed away by sea to the outter skirts of Hong Kong...for more land reclaimation works.
The ferry I was talking about earlier.
Hong Kong International Airport

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