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The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, October 18, 2007

TVXQ Press Conference @ October 17, 2007

TVXQ came to Malaysia last year for their maiden concert here and they made a huge explosion and suddenly, everyone seem to know them overnite. Me included. And this year, they are coming back again for yet another mega concert at the Merdeka Stadium on Nov 24, 2007. Fans are expecting another big blast. Stage design is already out and indeed...its super HUGE!!! Estimating a need for at least 4 photographers to cover all angles!

Anyway, TVXQ touched down at KLIA this afternoon to host a press conference promoting their coming November concert. As expected, our local airport was stormed by hardcore fans, some of which came as early as yesterday...YES, you heard me right...the day before today! The crowd cheered their lungs out when the 5 boys gracefully walked out of the arrival hall waving to their few hundred strong fans. Bodyguards and security personnels sprung into action forming two human barricades to make way for the entourage to get into their waiting Toyota Alphard...and yes, that's my dream car! Arrived at the hotel with the help of two police out-riders making way from KLIA to Sunway Resort Hotel. Fans also flooded Level 10 of the hotel with posters, banners, flash cards, CDs, etc.

But two very nice things happened today. I din know I had quite a "fan base" too. I realised this when I reached KLIA and was instantly greeted with shouts sounding like, "Hey look, Michael Sin is here...aaaaaa...aaaaa..aaaaa..." No kidding. And when one group starts to shout, EVERYONE else joins in! I got one big cheering welcome from the fans. Haha...not bad for a photograher! Secondly, the official dinner tour to a nearby Korean restaurant was cancelled due to limited time. And that gave me the opportunity to swing over to Sunway Pyramid and paid my visit to "Dell Roadshow". "Dinner at 10" was awesome!

Here are some pics (for more pics, please visit official website at :

Fans with flash cards at KLIA

This group was at KLIA a day before!

TVXQ being ushered to their Alphards

As you can see, it wasn't an easy ushering job!

MC Serena C and her Korean translator (forgot her name)

TVXQ at the Press Conference at Sunway Resort Hotel





U-Know for the album

Babyboss...grabbing a quick rather "tasteless" bite. Lousy food from Sunway Resort Hotel.

Babybosss with Serena C

Babyboss with TVXQ! LOL

Babyboss photographer, Brian Lee at the Press Conference

TVXQ at TV interview


rebecca*ling said...

ur pics r awesome!! thx for letting me post in the forum.. thx alot.. n u're so friednly.. enjoying chatting with u!! xD
all the best n God bless!!!

erwin91 said...

Thanks a lot for the pics! You are so lucky, got a chance to see them closely! :)

S said...

Hahahaha~~~So now you are famous too liao~~XD

' ' 'msradd said...

yeah..very very lucky..can u give me your MSN~please~

Babyboss Pictures said...

My MSN is

balloon- said...

can i take some of that pics?? i wanna put at my blog....

Babyboss Pictures said...

dear balloon,

yes u may. but u need to give credit to Babyboss Pictures and indicate thr soource of the pics are from

Then, give me the link to your blog.


Youn Ae said...

i'm wondering if u'd ever release that pic you took during the concert of three girls holding up a pretty big banner that says "dbsg@LJ" to which you had to take our picture twice. :P blatant advertisement for our LJ community really. ^^ but i was glad to FINALLY meet you even for a brief second~ say, manage to grab any of those TVXQ black and white posters? i didn't get anything from the concert itself. T.T