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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Counting Lizards Alone

I was at Genting over the weekend covering an event and came back yesterday evening and met up with a new Korean friend before he leaves back home. Awesome trip this time. The shoot was easy (small ballroom, not too many tables and activities, and very easy clients), the weather was super cold (I love "cold"), my new Genting boss was easy and many "other great stuffs".

But when I got home, things changed drastically and suddenly...its like...I didn't know what was happening anymore. Like there was a time gate between Genting and KL! Until now as I write, I still don't know what is happening. So many things collapsing together...again! I was very tired, confused and really didn't know what to do next. Fell asleep on the couch after "counting lizards on my ceiling" (someone taught me this method when I had nose bleed).

I know I brushed my teeth this morning when I woke up but my mouth still didn't "smell good". Maybe because I have not opened it much today. If I spoke a thousand words on an average day, then its like 10 words today! All I did was sit waiting infront of my laptop for my MSN to pop and my phone to ring. Nothing happened. But I got lots of MSN messages from my "TVXQ fans" who asked if I was ok and they showed concern. I guess my MSN name shouted my mood loud enough. But then again...maybe not that loud enough to reach the "necessary people".

Can't seem to continue anymore here. I have no feel now, body is numb, ears are blocked, shoulders are stiff, brain is dead and mood is all the way down. My lady boss called this afternoon and ask me to go pick up my long awaited payment check of RM5,000...I only replied, "OK, thanks" and expressed no excitement at all.

The only thing I can do now is...WAIT.


lps1011 said...

Leng chai~Cheer up ~
I guess im one of the TVXQ's fan who showed concern..Seems like many ppl concern about you...So cheer up~~
You are a cheerful person in my eyes..Love to laugh,Friendly,nice and generous person..Im sincere..
So,Cheer up...The neccessary person will know it..

Phooi San

Babyboss Pictures said...

Phooi San,

Hey, thanks a lot.