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The Official Car Sticker

Friday, October 12, 2007

Silence In F Minor - by Michael Sin

I have never felt so defeated before and today was one of those few days in my life where I felt I lost a battle. I didn't loose money or property or anything like that. I lost "keeping a promise"... a very important promise.

So many changes of plans and schedules today. Everything was just havoc and a mess. Things I wanted to do, I can't. Projects I wanted to accomplish, I didn't. People I didn't prefer to see, I saw. Bills I didn't intend to take, I took. Tantrums I don't enjoy facing, I faced. Stories I promised to tell, I didn't.

Came home with a sense of "betrayal" though the day "played" me out and tossed me left to right and then back again. And I did not do the most important thing for the day..."tell my stories". Will there be another opportunity?

There was a lot of "emptiness" today. No pictures (though a lot were taken) are suitable for display. And if I convert these to music, I'd write a piano concerto and title it "Silence In F Minor". If you are a musician, you would understand why.

The last thing I want to do, is to disappoint you. I am sorry :-(

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