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The Official Car Sticker

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TVXQ In KL @ 2006

I know TVXQ is popular but didn't know my phone number was also as popular! Tonite itself, I received over 10 sms messages asking about tomorrow's TVXQ appearance at a press conference for their coming NOv 24 concert. Most of the inquiries, all die-hard female fans, are from people I know from last year's TVXQ concert. But at least one third are from numbers I never knew.

The I got home after my church event, got onto my MSN...and guess what? MSN messages came flooding in...same inquiries again! What time is their flight arrival? What time is the press conference? Which hotel? Where s the dinner restaurant? Can fans go in to the press conference? Etc, etc.

I will update u guys with tomorrow's pics and happenings here in this blog. You guys stay tuned here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, you've got some awesome pictures here... Can I work for you for free?! :P
Will definitely holler back from time to time.