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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



The only "convocation" I've ever had in my entire life was when I graduated from kindergarten at 6 years old. It was a proud moment for my parents. Sadly, all I remembered was the concert and we were made to do "tarian lilin"!!! WTF!!!!

Last Saturday was the graduation convocation for BabyKJ of Universiti Malaya, PJ and Babyboss photograher Brian Lee of MMU, Cyberjaya. I attended BabyKJ's convo since it was nearer and also I was invited to. Waited. Took lots of pics. She bought lunch together with a few other friends. I realised that most of her pics...can see only the head...the neck downwards all covered by bouquets of flowers that she received.


I was shooting TVB8's Junior Idol event at Sunway Pyramid on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to see "erv" my regular blog reader there at the event venue. I finally get to know who "erv" is! Thanks for dropping by!


And so, after the shoot, I received an sms asking me to go dinner. I thought why not, since I am free. So, I replied the sms and agreed to meet at 7pm. Only to find out later that I have to drive all the way further down to Klang since she was in Jusco Klang. I guess its still ok since I am free. I texted her when I arrived at the designated restaurant and she said will reach in 10 mins. A few moments later, another msg came in...she said she needs to get something done first. Then she left the Jusco and to cut the long story short...she got lost in Klang.

A check at the clock shows 7:45pm. I turned off my car engine after 45mins of idle running, which also now means that I have no aircond. By 8:30pm, the heat starts to itch in. I opened the car door...the neighbouring drain stinks like hell and mosquitos starts to come in uninvitedly. Another check at the clock shows 9pm.

Apparently, she got lost in Klang over and over again. To cut the long story really short, she finally turn up at 9:45pm. That's almost 3hours of waiting for a Bah Kut Teh dinner! And the dinner sensation was only some 15 odd minutes because the shop was closing!!!


비비안 said...

brother ah... the girl who date u for bak kut teh is KL ppl or not??

I notice hor, now a days KL ppl also dunno KL very well...

Must scold the govt for keep on changing the highway and route till all KL ppl blurr already...

Babyboss Pictures said...

비비안 : The girl that I dated to BKT last Sunday was infact a PJ girl. But the tricky part was that the BKT place was in Klang which is some 15mins drive away from the usual PJ vincinity. I would hve gotten lost too if I had wondered like she did.

So, it was not her fault. But still...I took the 3 hour punishment. :(

Jiok said...

sorry boss convo ticket only limited to parents took both haha