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The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fish Spa

I have heard a lot about this "fish spa" thingy but never really gotten around to actually try it nor understand the purpose of it. But today...I went in for one! I was out in KL and decided to drop by this Morino Kaze Aromatherapy centre at Picolo (the mall between Lot10 and KL Plaza) to try out the fish spa.

For RM28, you get to "feed" the fish with your bare feet for 30 minutes. What do I mean "feed the fish"? Basically you dip both your feet into the fish pool and let the fish come nibble at your feet. Initially, it was damn (and I mean really really) itchy having some 20-30 fishes nibbling at your feet at one time! But after while, I managed to get things "under control". It was fun!!!

Basically, the fish eat or feed on dead skin on your feet!!!

And lunch at Pavilion's "Food Republic" was awesome. I had this curry noodle that was so out of this world...truly awesome! Highly recommended. It is sold at the "chicken rice" stall.

See what I mean?

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