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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Superiorly a D2x

i have now used the nikon d2x for 5 weeks and i must admit that it is indeed a fantastic camera. if you are holding anything but a d2x and if you have the budget, do seriously consider upgrading to a d2x. i regret i did not make the move earlier!

the color is bright and solid while skin tone is as close as it can get to a Fuji NPH400 professional film. simply awesome smoothness and color. of course, that is if you are consistently making accurate exposure measurements lar!

and the speed and performance is like asking a ferrari to hit 100km per hour...a breeze! on single shot setting, i could fire-on-demand easily as though the camera was ever ready, waiting for my next instruction while delivering my current request. simply effortless! with all due respect to my D100 and D70s, these two fellas are no where near to the d2x's performance and color reproduction.

another new finding...the nikon sb800 speedlight comes with a 5th battery option. USE IT!!! unless you plan to spend some 600 bucks on the nikon sd-8a flash battery pack, the 5th battery chamber on the sb800 is a great alternative and its free! with 5-batts on my sb800, a full charge takes only like 3 secs instead of the usual 4-batts at some 8 secs! while shooting press conferences and fast moving people (like the prime minister), the 5-batts operation gave me a lot more advantage and much quicker recycle times!

its definitely worth carrying 5 batts for your sb800...TRUST ME!!! and you also won't have to tolerate with the flash sync cable that comes with the sd-8a which has to run across your chest down to your belly before reaching the sd-8a device which is probably resting in your jeans pocket!

so, give it a thought.

ah week...Japan Super GT Championship pics here in this blog!

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