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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Need Mandarin Classes

last nite i finally watched a dvd which i bought some 3 months ago..."the curse of the golden flower". no doubt, the much talked about "gong li" role was very "eye opening". i never knew that the imperial dress code for women was that "pushed out". i mean, the boobs were like almost popping out liao...something you don't even see in the old english victorian days!
anyway, it wasn't for gong li that i bought the dvd. really. i wanted to see actor chou yun fatt playing the role emperor. but after watching the movie, i tot gong li deserved a bigger hand clap than chou yun fatt, though he was, nevertheless, first class in his acting.
but the frustrating part was that the movie was in mandarin! and i couldn't even catch 30% of the entire converation! but i was able to guess what was happening. however, towards reaching the middle part where the conspiracy and killing starts, i was really desperate to know what was happening. if you have watched the movie you'd realise that there were these ninja assasins in black, then the archers at the mountains in redish outfits, then jay chou's army came in gold each wearing a "gong li scarf collection" and finally the army in silver outfit who trashed out the entire jay chou batalion at an ambush with hundreds of flying arrows everywhere.
I watched that 1hr45mins movie TWICE just so i can hopefully catch the conversation and understand a lil more. it was tough. then i just played back the segents of the movie that needed clarification and i dreadfully struggled with the mandarin.
after much frustration (of not getting the clearer picture), i decided to shut everything down and go to sleep since it was already 3am. a i inserted the dvd back into the box, i read the back of the box hoping to catch some sypnosis or something. but my eye caught something else. there was this corner that says, "Language : Mandarin, Cantonese" and another that says "Subtitles : Chinese, English, Malay, Thai, Indonesian".
tahdaaah...i re-inserted the dvd back into my computer and set the language to cantonese and also had english subtitles! i solved the entire puzzle in 10mins!
great movie, stupid me! here are some pics from the movie.

the movie poster

gong li and chou yun fatt

jay chou as prince jai

huge setup

li man...probably the next gong li

ok lar...just one more pic of gong li lar!

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