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The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Japan GT - After 2 Days

yesterday (friday) was a lil boring as there were only "cars" and "cars". but today, things changed for the better...the babes were out!!! the race queens r commonly known as umbrella girls all came parading out in their full "GT attire" or betterunderstood as SEXY.

as expected, literally all photographers present there were firing away on their 8 frames per second pro bodies. i am not sure if they reliased that the girls were exactly "moving" like 250km/hr! what was that 8fps for! while it took me like maybe 3 shots to get a decent picture, our friends would have fired like 20 frames!!!

the morning race was super hot...not as in hot babes but the hot burning sun! naturally, by evening, i got myself well-tanned...instead of ayam panggang, now we have michael panggang! more photographers came today, both the pros and the aspiring pros-wannabe.

anyway, here are just some pics to show of the event.

the lamborghini pits (above & below pic)

changing wheels, getting ready to start

all cars out of pit

photographers "banging" on the babes!

weee...more babes!

and babes...

and this is one fantastic babe!

and this is fantastic photog with fantastic babe!

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