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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good Bye Video Cam!

just got back home this evening (mon, june 4) from my annual 3d2n holiday retreat with my family at port dickson. the kids had the most it beach or pool or water slides. a special mention to tiara resort...great man-made beach pool and slides. huge place, huge pools.

but the poor dad suffers. trying his best to capture the "happy moments", he gets his video camera splashed with thunderous splashes of water from all four angles. for some reasons, kids just love to splash on water.

on day 1, the cam was still working fine but after some "showers of blessings", the LCD screen seem to turn redish and sometimes greenish and sometimes blueish. on day 2, after more "showers of blessings" from the pools, the LCD screen seem to have dimmed and almost 80%darken and color is definitely messed. but the recording is still fine...its just the LCD screen that's going into a coma. by day 3, with much more "showers of blessings", the screen just went blank! and i had to resort to the tiny viewfinder.

a great simple trip but it has to be a "good bye" to my 5-yr old 1ccd video cam!

panasonic nv-ds60

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