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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Japan GT Championship 2007 - Sepang

fuyoh...another year for the overly hypped Japan GT Championship which is due to resurface on the sepang international circuit next weekend from june 22 to june 24.

if you were to do a search on the internet for "japan gt", you will find that the "race queens" and everything about them will dominate like 90% of your search results. based on my personal research, i found that 93% of people who talks about japan gt are actually talking about the japanese babes or more commonly known as umbrella girls or race queens. almost 99% of all unofficial photographers are at the race only to shoot the race queens. of course, official media photographers assigned to the event have to do their job shooting the race too, though once time permits, the lenses are again pointed to the babes!

a huge contrast to the world no.1 motorsports...the F1. people who go for the F1 are there for the cars. unfortunately, due to strict rules, i never got a chance to shoot the F1 races. as for japan gt, i was privileged to shoot 2 years.

this year, i will be shooting again! weeee.... but i am not covering the full race. my assignment is to cover one of the official sponsor and their group activities during the japan gt, including their kl city tour, shopping and jalan-jalans! i will also be with them during their golf friendly match and my assignment only ends on june 27 (when they've all gone home).

i hope this ain't hankook's official race queen outfit for this year...cause it ain't sexy at all.

stay with this blog for more japan gt pics when i do updates after june 27. till then..."look east".

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