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Friday, June 1, 2007

A Youth Pastor

when you care and love for this young fella and this young fella does not care and love you the same way you do, what would you do? most people would just tell this young fella to go "fly kite". i wouldn't. i would continue to care and love for this young fella until one day when i die, the secret is revealed and this young fella would probably get on his knees infront of my coffin.

sounds so dramatic. but i really do care and love many of my young fellas who never understood why i cared and loved them so much. many harsh words and disrecpectful gestures were demonstrated to me as a sign of their superiority and so-called authority. because care and love is taken for granted in today's society.

the old grandmaster of the movie "karate kid" once said, "with wisdom comes power and with power comes responsibility". many of us exercise authority without wisdom and thus carry no sense of resposibility in their actions. these actions only lead to regret where the ego and pride hinders the truth from manifesting out.

haih...i m no grandmaster but i m certainly seasoned enough to see our young generation today falling into traps of the fleshly pride and ignorance. the kids of the late 80s have this issue. i am of the early 70s era where we play hor-lee and ride bicycles every evening! what about the youths of today? trying to look cooler than the guys next door and getting into relationships they could never manage?

in church, the youth ministry is booming like never before. why? cause young people create so much "opportunities" for churches to hire youth pastors to look into their issues and well-being. who is doing who a favor now? are young people creating job opportunities for youth pastors recruitments or are youth pastors saving the future of society.

i have been in this youth business for the last 5 years now and i assure any reader that it takes MORE THAN LOVE to give. it takes SACRIFICIAL love to give to our young generation. my only prayer is "God, give me strength".

sometimes i just feel like throwing in the towel and telling these young errogantly ignorant fools to just go FLY KITE! i have a life to live and i want to live it to the fullest for myself. but if Jesus can pay the price for our sins and foolishness, then so can i for the youths today.

that is why...i am a Youth Pastor.

Oikos Youth

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