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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DVDs From HMV Japan

Hurray! My DVDs have arrived from Japan!!!

I placed an online order for 3 Japanese jazz band concert DVDs on November 23, 2008 after getting one of my jobs to finance the purchase. Remember the badly priced event at RM13,000 from RM17,000? I made very little from this event but more than enough to finance my 3 DVDs!

Ok, back to the order. By Nov 26, one of the DVD was still "on order"...means not in stock and still awaiting for stock availability. A Momoko Yamaguchi from HMV Japan emailed me and asked me if I still want to wait for the 3rd DVD to be in stock and send all 3 to me. But she was not able to confirm when the stock would arrive. So by Nov 29, I cancelled the 3rd DVD and gave her instructions to send to me just the 2 available DVDs.

That was last Saturday, Nov 29, at 1:30pm. The package was dispatched immediately. By Monday, it arrived at Customs Department, Sepang, Malaysia! And I received my parcel in good condition today (Tuesday) at 12noon.

The 2 DVDs were packed and wrapped in clear transparent bubble wrappers and placed into a huge courier envelope. When it arrived at our local Customs Department, the envelope was nicely and carefully cut opened for inspection. And then it was, again, nicely and carefully sealed back with the "Jabatan Kastam Malaysia" masking tapes.

Overall, a very pleasant shopping experience with HMV Japan and pleased with the Malaysian Customs Department (for not damaging my DVDs). I will not hesitate to place my next order soon! My total cost was 10,925 Yen (thats around RM400, inclusive of international courier charges).


Viwen said...

Hey Michael!! How are you?? Viwen here.. searching for t-square and I found your website.

Anyway great purchase on the t-square DVD.. I have the T-sq vs Casiopea but I think I only have one part out of the 2.

Keep in touch.. and again wanted to thank you for your beautiful photos of my wedding.

Babyboss Pictures said...

Whoa brother, very surprised and glad to hear from you! Yes, the T-Square and Casiopes DVDs are great!

You can make online purchases from this, they are very reliable and professional. But Japanese DVDs are generally expensive!

Haha...anyway, so happy to hear from you again. Till we meet again, take care!

PS. If u hv MSN, do add me at