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The Official Car Sticker

Friday, December 5, 2008

PIDM Annual Dinner Event

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to single-handedly manage a corporate event...Perbadanan Insurance Deposit Malaysia's (PIDM) annual dinner. This is the first time I am running an event on my own with absolutely no external assistance. Of course, I had my suppliers and sub-contractors working with me. But the planning and management was all done alone. Pretty stressed, I must say. But working alone also means no miscommunication. Everything was between me and the client's organising committee. Overall, it was fun.

The stage construction, backdrop and hall decor started work at 1am of Saturday (Nov 29, 2008) morning at the Diamond Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I was there for the setup at 1:30am and only left the place arond 5am. Went home for a quick nap, woke up again at 9:30am and dashed back to MO by 10:30am. The sound & lighting systems supplier's turn to do his setup at the ballroom. By 2pm, everything was done. Technical briefing with hotel banquet staff at 3:30pm. I had over an hour of free time, so I walked over to KLCC for a dose of my favourite Coffee Bean's Iced Latte.

4pm, confetti guys came to install the confetti canons. 4:30pm, PIDM's in-house "acoustic guitars" did their sound check. 5pm, emcee Kenneth Soh arrived for his sound check. Also, our Babyboss photograhers arrived and setup the instant printer booth. 5:30pm, the dancers arrived and did their rehearsal. 6pm, DJ Mike came. By 6:30pm, everything was done. Ready for showtime!

At 7pm, guests started arriving. Show started punctually at 8pm. Everything went smoothly and according to time. MC Kenneth did a great job getting the people out onto the dance floor towards the end.

The first test shot at the photo backdrop. Here with Babyboss Angie, whose duty was to make the instant prints on the Canon ES2 printers.

Next test shot with PIDM organising committee, Lydia Soo.

Babyboss photograher, Brian Lee in action!

The instant print counter. The printed photos were inserted into photo frames for the guests.

A picture here with part of the PIDM's organising committee.
The stage and backrop decor.
Here with the dancers dressed in their opening outfit.
A group picture here with the CEO of PIDM and also the Governor of Malaysia's Bank Negara.
The acoustic boys, The Blankets.


Andrew said...

hello boss!! LOL =D Sorry ar.. not free to shoot this sunday.. hehe =D thanks for callign though!! appreciated it very much!! =..)

Anyway, will be in singapore so looking forward to our next badminton partnership!! haha.. =D

Till then, take care and God bless.. Good day!

Orchid said...

congrats! it sounds like a lot of work...but you pulled it off. :-)