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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, December 28, 2008

WATV Go Go Club Promo Tour

China's boys group singing sensation, Go Go Club. Anyone?
The promo tour was yesterday at Berjaya Times Square. The sang some songs, played some games and melted the hearts of many fans, mainly females. After the stage performance, they had a press interview at Starbucks. Somehow, the coffee served that evening was nothing like those you get when you pay RM12 a cup! Damn!

After the interview with the medias, the boys, together with 8 lucky fans, went up to Times Square's Cosmo World for some fun rides! I bet the girls couldn't sleep that night! LOL.


tramyteng said...

hello,my name is tramy,can i ask u y go go club photo so little,hope can see more.


Babyboss Pictures said...

Dear Tramy,

Cause its just a very simple promo event. All they did was stand and sing, nothing much.

After the stage performance of about 4 songs, they went to Times Square's Cosmo World to play games with some lucky fans.

That's all. And frankly, I also dunno who they are. haha...