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Friday, November 21, 2008

My Nikon SB900

It has been yet another "blogless" week! Frankly, I seem to have nothing to write about. A lot of things happened but those are just ordinary everyday thingies. I think it will bore you if I put them up! But since it is now a day over a week, I thought I'd just drop a line or two just to say hi.


Ok, some updates here. Yes, I bought my Nikon SB900 Speedlight. Yes, I know I just bought the SB800 a few weeks ago but I have now sold it for RM1,000 (bought it for RM1,100). Sold it to Angie (Mrs Andy Lau) from Penang. She bought her own gears now (Nikon D80) and is in need of a flash unit. I added another RM500 to get the SB900 at RM1,500. I still have an aged SB800 which will be kept as a spare unit.

The SB900 is HUGE! The head is HUGE. Even the white disfussion dome is HUGE. Basically, everything is HUGE! Its heavier than the SB800 (with 5 batteries). I tested it on my D2x, the color and exposure is very accurate and clean. In general, the SB900 is a more intelligent flash unit than the SB800.


Yun Yi said...

O.O oh my....
i want a speedlight too...!!!
still saving money...halfway there~

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yun Yi : GAMBATE!!!

Sandra said...

wah! nicee niceee