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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DVDs From Japan

Live concert DVDs from Japan are so expensive! And these DVDs are so rare over here in Malaysia and if one gets to find even a single release, one can count oneself super lucky. I have been hunting for Japanese band live concert DVDs for some years but found none.

Some years back, my sister was in Japan for some training and she managed to get me Japanese jazz band Casiopea's live concert DVD entitled "5-Stars Live Sync DNA" featuring Casiopea with two drummers! It was really cool to see two professional drummers playing jazz in full synchronization.

A few days ago, a friend of mine who is now in Japan, recommended me to buy online directly from And guess what? I found all the titles I wanted!!! The only thing that was holding me back from immediately clicking and placing orders was the blardy price! Each DVD is around RM100+ with a few at below RM100. I want them all. How???

In case, anyone is thinking of getting me belated birthday presents...and speaking of birthday presents...I only got ONE present this year!!! Suddenly a few days before and after July 28, everyone seem to have disappeared from the surface of this earth! They reappear a week later. So yeah, if anyone is still thinking of birthday presents or has already started Christmas presents shopping, YOU MAY CONSIDER SOME OF THESE DVDS (prices shown here are after 23% discount if I purchase 3 or more titles).

Casiopea - Vintage 2002 (1 DVD). Costing approx. RM92.

Casiopea - The Way Of Casiopea (2 DVDs). Costing approx. RM122.

Casiopea - The Mint Session (1 DVD). Costing approx. RM81.

Casiopea Vs The Square Live (2 DVDs). Costing approx. RM127.

T-Square Super Band 2008 (2 DVDs). Costing approx. RM176.

I have this one. Casiopea 5-Star Live Sync DNA. Superb album!

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