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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, November 23, 2008

HMV Japan

Hurray...I have just made an online order for 3 Japanese Jazz Band live concerts DVDs from The three DVDs cost me Japanese Yen 14,900, inclusive of international courier charges. That's about RM530+/-. Expected arrival next Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008.
The Japanese currency exchange rate fluctuates like crazy. Last week I checked, the order only costs me RM425. But as of today, its RM556...a whooping RM130+ extra!!! Lets hope by the time HMV makes the charge, the rate improves. Sigh.



Orchid said...

Goodness! So the expensive for DVDs from Japan! You really must be a fan of Japanese Jazz bands.

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yup, super expensive! And they are NOT available here in Malaysia! So, have to order online directly from Japan. And kena sotong nicely!

Yes, I love Japanese Jazz bands like Casiopea and T-Square.