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The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Job o job!

As of today, this blog is officially one week without updates whatsoever. I suddenly realise I don't have anything to say besides some small thingies here and there. And also, the laziness to think and to write has crept in! Sigh. But just want to use this opportunity to share a frustration.

Last Thursday, I was invited by a small local MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company or commonly known as "direct selling", to tender in a quote for sound system. The hall venue was in some hidden corner of Serdang approximately 1km away from the Serdang Hospital. I went over to check out the place together with their organising committee. Easy job...sound only mar! Happily went back, emailed them a quotation for RM6,500.

On Monday, their manager called me up asking me to "re-quote". He emailed me another quote he got from another sound rental company, known for their "cheap prices" and "China-made equipment". I was ask to quote the exact! How can! My equipment from US, UK and Italy lar. And I am now to quote for sound system and lighting system. I quoted RM16,500. The next day, Tuesday, the same manager asked me to now add in 4 LCD projectors with 4 units of 10' x 14' projection screens. Of which I did and my new price went up to RM22,500.

Now here is the frustrating part. He said the other company only quoted RM17,500 while I was at RM22,500. Said I was too expensive. He said he will give me the job if I quote RM17,000. Take it or leave it. And before I could answer him...within the next few hours, he called reduce the projectors to only 2 sets from 4 sets. My revised price should be RM20,000 but I was prepared to go down to RM15,000 lowest.

To cut the long story short, ding-dong here and there, add this, minus figure was RM13,000!!! Again, take it or leave it deal. I was prepared to drop the offer as 13k is far too low. But then, I suddenly thought of the Japanese concert DVDs that I wanted. I needed someone to pay for them.

I accepted the job. Its this Saturday! Will order 3 DVDs next week. :)

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