The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Quick Updates

Hmmm...I actually had quite a lot to write esepcially on what happened yesterday (Sat) but now I realise that if I were to write and complain about yesterday, I'd only be shooting myself. So, wont be writing much about the bad things of yesterday. hahahaha....

#1 Yes, I finally got my Suzuki Swift on Friday night. Took delivery of the car at 9pm at the Bangsar showroom. Nice wheels, small but really tight performance. Easy to drive and economical. Something I can afford.

#2 Sent in my Swift for tinting on all the windows and windscreens. I opted for tinting films from 3M and not the commonly used "V-Kool". I was there throughout to learn and see how they do tinting. Took about 2.5hours. Cost me RM1,000 (apparently a special price from RM1,400).

#3 While I was there tinting my glass, I also took the opportunity to change the car's horn to something like my BMW's. Its an "air horn", a typical BMW car horn. Otherwise, the Swift comes standard with the normal "beep" horn. Cost me RM65, inclusive of installation.

#4 Went over to Mid-Valley to deliver a DVD to a client who's event we shot last Sat (when I was still at Damai Laut, Lumut for another event). Witnessed how rich people spend and throw money...just like that. I think he spent some RM700 on things that I would probably spend not more than a hundred for.

#5 Got home last nite, fell into high fever. My themometer measures me at 37.8C (that's like 101.5F). I was alreay not feeling too well on Friday nite but the excitement of getting my new car over-powered the pain. Tried my best not to think it but by Saturday afternoon...slowly dying liao. By night time...high fever!

#6 Was in Damai Laut, Lumut lat weekend for an event. Had a great few days there, perhaps even the best. Got this nice pic with this Sarawak native. Borrowed his guitar and headpiece and took this pic. haha...

#7 Twisted my left wrist quite badly and it has been like 3 days already but healing is very slow. It is still in pain, applied Chinese medicine "tit tar chau" and constantly wrapped up. Can't lift up even a glass of water wth my left hand. Sigh...

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