The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Monday, March 3, 2008


Just want to share this out to release some frust on this particular client that I have. I deal with the Founding Director of this company. I did an event for his company sometime early February and the payment due was only RM5,000. Today, a month later, I called him up to see if I could go pick up the payment check from his office (which I'd normally do for the previous events). I called at 11:45am, no answer. Then sent him an sms, no reply.

Anyway, went out for a beautiful lunch (at least something to cheer me up a lil) on my brand new Swift (another reason to be a lil more happy). Passed by his office and I thought might as well just drop in as see if my check is ready or not. Went in, asked the front desk receptionist if there is any RM5,000 payment check for Paradigm Events. She made some calls to the finance dept and replied, "no". How about Babyboss Pictures, I asked. She made another call and replied, "also no". Then she told me that the check is ready but is now with the Director (the guy who did not answer my calls). Ok, so I left.

Sometime around 3:30pm, he finally replied my sms with a "yes" ( I suppose that means my check is ready). I texted him and told him that I was at his office this morning but the receptionist said got nothing for me. Then he replied with this (in his exact words) : "My reception is not finance dept. Think b4 u act...". suhu badan went up reading this reply! He told me to "think before I act"!!!!! though I was so stupid not to!!!!

Anyway, I just replied him asking where and when can I collect the reply since then! Sigh. Really chartou lar!!! Speechless!!!

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