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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Super GT 2007 - Race Queens

the super GT week was a busy week for me and everyone at babyboss pictures. we were covering a wedding (sat), HK TVB8's minutes to fame reality game show at 1Utama (sat-sun), a model shoot in studio (thurs) and of course, the super GT from fri-mon! still trying to clear up all the pics for our korean clients, the event organising people, pics for ma website and of for this blog! if you go check out photo forums this one-two weeks, you will realise that its all flooded with articles and pics from the super gt event...with the race queens / babes pics dominating like 90% of the forum space!

many friends and viewers have asked me about ma version of race queen babes pics. and why am i not surprised to get that! haha...cause its Super GT!!!

anyway, here are some "babes" pics from the super gt event on june 22-24. there are more pics but lets just settle for this few first. ok? feel free to drop a comment or so.

the most photographed RQ...wonder why!

told you it was a hot 38C day!

our very own hankook team race queens!
our hankook babe at her hankook porche nsc!

beautiful eyes!


Sandra said...

Wah!! hot babe.. not interested:P hot hunks got arrr? Japanese driver? *SlupSluP* hahahaha well nice pics! jealous!!!

Babyboss Pictures said...

Super GT is about hot babes! Some may view the hot cars too but no one cares who the drivers are! haha...that's Super GT!!! by the way, the drivers are generally japs...uncles!

Anonymous said...

not even 1 of them is a youngman ar??disspointed...hehehe

Babyboss Pictures said...

this topic is "Race Queens"...not "Race Driver"! anyway, most drivers are uncles!

tiensheng said...

haha , my fav queen not there this year !

Babyboss Pictures said... favorite "queen" oso not there!!!