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The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Photo Shoots - Two Jobs Gone!

woke up this morning feeling rather down and moody. my faith seemed to be tested again. and its not fun but i obey and stand to be tested.

started with the recent Super GT Championship 2007 here at sepang. original engagement was sat to tues with fri being optional (if i wan to cover the happenings at sepang since i have an official access pass). but a week before the event, the organisers "trimmed" the budget and only hired me for Sun with Fri-Sat optional if i want to hang out at sepang. budget slashed by some 70%!!!

middle of july, suppose to cover an event in Chiang Mai, Thailand for another 4 days. i was looking forward to that trip and also all the opportunity to catch u with some friends there, and of course, the traditional Thai massage! just got news this morning...job cancelled!!!

i lost some 10grand from the above two jobs! and i have also bought some extra batts for my d2x (RM400+ each, mind you) and some high speed 4GB CF cards. thats some 1grand+ "invested" for nothing!!!

then yesterday sent my Beemer in for her regular oil change service and also general check-up. the "medical report" shows small illnesses here and there. nothing major, no need to change now, but its a matter of time! afterall, she is 13yrs old liao! should cost me around 5k if i decide to fix up everything.

and finally, last weekend, i kinda drove on a Toyota Alphard and instantly fell in love with it! i have always wanted an MPV and was looking at the Estima but the Alphard was far more spacious. a recond Estima costs around 120-150k while a recond Alphard is 190-220.

now i am "torn between two lovers". repair and keep beemer or go for the alphard or just settle for the estima? money didn't come in over the last two big jobs. and yes, my faith is being tested now!

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