The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Friday, July 6, 2007

Photographer Staying Fit

many thoughts came to my mind this, work, life, family, church ministries, etc. want to chuck my BMW for a Toyota Alphard and funny ideas of this sort. but the alphard is REALLY awesome condition...fully imported recond from Japan and have only run 27,000km!

but one thing i really wanted to do is to STAY FIT. eat less, exercise more! and i am going back to swimming! and i started my first swim again after some 3yrs+ of "MIA". it was a tough start, all muscles not responding accordingly. my first attempt after 3 over years...i clocked 500m in about 15mins! super slow!!! i remember when i was "still fit", i could hit over 2km (thats over 40 laps of 50m dash across an olympic size pool).

i will be back...i am sure! i will hit 1km very soon and in no time...back to my 2km mark! but i'll need to get myself a new pair of current Speedo...fungus liao! @#%$

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