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Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Demonic Attack!!!

i was having a heart-to-heart counselling session with a friend just now at starbucks leisure mall cheras. we were talking about God and church ministries. by 12 midnight, the surrounding area became rather quiet and you see less people walking around. the air gets cooler and you'd start to whisper instead of shouting. our conversation was getting on target and our objective almost met.

suddenly, 7 malay boys walked up to us, surrounding our tiny starbucks metal table and their "head" approached me and asked this silly question, "Disini ada jual laptop ah?". I mean it was 12 midnight and we were both having our drink sitting in STARBUCKS area and this bloke asked if i had any laptops for sale!!! i stared at him and said, "Tak ada". then he walked away from me together with his gang and i hear mumbling and grumbling words of frustration.

what do you think just happened? if you are spiritually sensitive, you will see what has just happened. we were just attacked by demonic spirits! they came in the form of human. you see, i was counselling this brother and trying to bring him back to God and ministries. we were doing very well and he was restoring his faith and forgiveness. when that happens, the devil won't be happy. and he must have sent "his people" to come and interfere and cause fear in us.

this is what i observed. while i was talking to my dear brother (in Christ), i saw this group of boys in dark shirts and dark pants walking up towards our table (by the way, the area was rather dark and lonely and quiet...leisure mall starbucks outside). the moment they arrived, i could smell cold blood (as though just taken out from the fridge) and very similar to the smell of rust from a cold steel bar. when they walked u to me, i saw 7 zombie looking figures..lifeless and bloodless. they were walking like a typical zombie...swaying from left to right. and when their leader walked up to me pointing and asking for my laptop (i brought my laptop with me and i placed it on the chair next to me)...i saw a pale looking face without emotion. he just pointed at my laptop and asked if i have laptops for sale!

at first i tot he wanted to rob us. but when he spoke, my spirit tells me...its a spiritual warfare! bind the demonic spirit in the name of Jesus. to his quenstion, i just replied in the boldness of my Holy Spirit saying, "Tak ada". my words were firm and i spoke it out with the authority of Jesus. they just walked away. and i could hear them grumbling and mumbling saying, "Alamak, tak ade ah".

we left that place a minute later as i sense the need to do so. not that we are afraid of them but i want to get my brother restored...that's my main mission! the devil did not want my brother restored for obvious reasons. but God is good. my brother is back!!! fully restored!!!

Amen. Jesus is awesome!!!

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