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Sunday, July 12, 2009

TV3 - Inspirasi Konsert

Again, for some funny reasons, I can't seem to move the pictures around. So, the sequence is, again, in reverse order.
This was the TV3 concert I covered while of my other fellow friends were shooting the Japan Super GT 2009 at Sepang. Given a choice, I'd take Japan GT anytime! Anyway, this was TV3's 25 years anniversary concert themed "Inspirasi". As usual, like their monthly Jom Heboh concerts, it was attended by Malays with maybe 1 or 2 foreign visitors who'd probably get a shock seeing how the crowd behaved. And I am not making this up and neither am I being biased because I actually interviewed one of the visitor.
The concert, being a Malay concert, had all Malay local artistes lined up for the evening. Some names I know, some I don't know and some I don't even bother to know.
Here are some pics that should tell the whole story.

Fireworks at the end of the show. I think the budget was the main reason for the rather "thin display".

The finale, all the artistes came out for a final good night.

Hmm, this is Awie!

Faizal Tahir

Malaysian veteran singer, M.Nasir.

The Malaysian "divas". From left is Adibah Noor (in white), Ning Baizura, Noryn Aziz and Jacklyn Victor (of Malaysian Idol fame).

The crowd and the stage.
I have shot TV3 concerts for some years now and I always, and mean ALWAYS, see fights. Somehow, the people just can't stay polite and keep peace while enjoying the concert. Somehow, they just have to irritate each other and start a fight. You kacau me, I kacau you! Not just once but a few times in ONE show!
This is what I mean "gangsterism" among the youths! The police, and I mean POLICE and not the RELAs, had to come and literally "arrest" the boys!
I have also covered many Hong Kong, Taiwan and international artistes' concerts here in Malaysia and we don't see such rowdy behaviours. Yes, there were "naughty" boys too but not to an extreme of a "police arrest"! In fact, only the RELAs were on duty. Somehow, the TV3 concerts require the presence of the police force. That tells us something, doesn't it?

Not sure who they are. In fact, I don't know 60% of the artiste line-up.

Veteran singer, Jamal Abdilah. Married and divorced 3 times. And I thought this only happens in the Western celebrity culture. Malaysia Boleh!

Before the show started, balloons were distributed. And everyone, including the adults, rushed for them. The father would take 3 balloons, 2 for his kid and one for himself. I mean, haven't they seen balloons before? Why would city folks go to the extend of "fighting" for balloons? Gosh!

Our "spiderman" up there, 40 feet above ground, fixing the molefay lights.

Huge amount of power was consumed that evening. The source...industrial generator sets.

The clowns

The crowd

The inflatables

Street artistes at work on their graffiti

The "Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad" also known as the "clock tower" in front of Dataran Merdeka. A view that I have not shot for more than 10 years. I remembered when I started photography as a hobby some 18 years ago, I always drive down town shooting these old buildings.

EAW KF750 speakers used to give rear coverage for the people at the far back area. Personally, I think these aged KF750 performs far better than the newer ESS line arrays used as front of house at this concert.

TV3's sound engineer at the Yamaha PM5D digital mixer for FOH mix

The entire stage at 6pm

The ESS (East Sound System) line array Front-Of-House system. They sounded ok but I think it was a little "hard". Maybe the sound engineer preferred "harder" sound.

The music director's keyboards station. Not sure who she was but it was a lady. No, it was not Jenny Chin.

The drummer. Forgot his name!

The Yamaha M7CL digital mixer for stage monitors mix
The ESS power amps for the line array FOHs

Well, that's about it. That was my evening at TV3's Inspirasi Konsert Ulang Tahun Ke-25. I still think shooting the Japan GT would be more fun!


angie ong said...

the lady in white is Adibah Noor.

tht lead singer guy is i think Awie. not very sure!

Yun Yi said...

hey michael, long time no see! nice pics u hv there~ are some names to complete your picture captions!

the lead singer = Awie
the diva in white = Adibah Noor
i don't think the malaysian veteran guy is ramli sarip...its M. Nasir

:D hope that helps.

Babyboss Pictures said...

Angie : Great, thanks.

Yun Yi :Whoa, thanks for filling in all the blanks.