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Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Nikon Speedlight

In my earlier blog post, I mentioned about the sale of my Nikon D100 body. RM1,280-00 was the price. It was a good and quick sale to a very nice part-time freelance photographer who met up with me to view the camera here at Cheras Leisure Mall. And I have always wanted to get another flash light as a spare unit to my currently and probably aging one. Now that I have RM1,280 in hand, I can safely purchase a new Nikon Speedlight without hesitation.

I had two options, the Nikon SB800 and the latest model from Nikon, the SB900. The SB800 retails at RM1,100 while the SB900 at RM1,500. A 400 bucks different. I did the specification comparison and found that for my D2x, the SB800 is a better fit. The SB900 is more designed for the newer models of Nikon DSLRs like the D3 and the D700, running on FX format, commonly known as "full frame".

Nikon SB-800

Nikon SB-900

Features like auto format detection, advanced wireless lighting, optional water guard, etc, are redundant on my D2x. The only two possible good features are the capabilities of flash zooming up to 200mm and improved booster circuit for faster flash recycle time (as fast as using 5 batteries on the SB800).

In the end, I bought the SB800 Speedlight and saved RM400!

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