The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Petrol Price

It is now some 24hrs after the announcement of the new petrol tariff of RM2.70 per litre. As expected, the mad rush was last nite. At every petrol I drove past, I had to endure a massive jam because hordes of cars were queueing up wanting to have their tanks filled up before the new price kicks in at 12 midnight.

I was a little smarter. Somehow, my car was at "E" and I desperately needed to refuel. That I did and made a full tank since I was there at the petrol station. That was 3:15pm. At 5pm, I received the SMS about the new price hike. For a moment, I felt "smart".
But this full tank, will only last me a week of so, what should I do after this week? Yes, I will go buy a bicycle!!! Here are some choices...

Comes with a front basket for my laptop and camera bag. Carries an extra passenger too!

A more basic model with rear basket for my laptop and stuffs. Comes with front "fog lamp".

This one...the more sporty one!


Anonymous said...

hahaha`~~ cool idea..lets ride a bike together.

mandy here...I guess u don remember me..micky bday event , in red ferrari jacket? remember?

Babyboss Pictures said...

Mandy : Yes, I remember ferrari jacket. You were seated next to Angelyna! Hey, thanks for dropping by! :)