The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Japan Super GT 2008 - Hankook

For me, this year's Japan Super GT event isn't as exciting as last year's. Probably due to the fact that I am only to cover the Hankook event rather than the race, which means, I don't get to shoot the cars and the babes! My assignment started on Saturday, covering the arrivials of the Hankook guests (all from China and the management team from Korea) at KLIA and spent the whole Sunday at Sepang Circuit. Then, Monday and Tuesday were tours.

The podium stage at Hankook's VIP Lounge.

The Sony!!!

That's me in my Hankook uniform.

The back part of the uniform...very nice. Much much nicer than last year's "t-shirt"!!!

The Circuit Safari where the buses drive onto the race track with the race cars rushing in from behind. Great experience!

Our Hankook Race Queens at the Hankook VIP Lounge.

Having their lunch...

The official Super GT Race Queens.



More babes...

And more babes...

Our Hankook babes at the Hankook pit.

Hankook babes.

Babes again...

Babes from Zent...

And babes.

The Hankook race car driver.

The Hankook Porsche...from behind.

Dunno who's car.

Motul flags! Can you see pro photographer John Ishie on the far right with a 300mm lens?

The Grid Walk...where people can get onto the tracks to take close-up pics of the cars, drivers and babes.

A view from the VIP Lounge just before the race starts.

An the "race" has started. From left : V-Ming, BabyKJ and me!!!

I got No.2

And the "mixed up" podium arrangement. V-Ming was first and I was second. Guess who got third? Hahaha....

Babyboss with KJ.

Hmmm...exactly which way to the VIP Lounge???

Tour at the Royal Palace. This is my first time there!

Then to Karyaneka. Also my first time there!!!

And finally, last destination for Monday's tour...KLCC.

Tueday started with Royal Selangor where thouands were spent on buying pewter sets.

Then to Genting Highlands where tens of thousands were invested at the Casino. I witness a China lady taking out RM3,000 solid cash and changed for chips. She lost everyting in 5mins! But I guess its ok for her since she has another stack in her handbag!!!
Aha...the best part...buffet lunch. I had Tepanyaki Chicken, Satay Chicken and Chicken Rice chicken (pic above).


Jiok said...

wow...nice la the babes...and the car too..and the circuit safari...

i think the best part is the shirt. nice extra? :P

Orchid said...

You like chicken? Tepanyaki Chicken, Satay Chicken & then Chicken rice...overkill!

What did you do when your guest were touring on Mon & Tues? You took group pictures of them? Or were they like celebs and you are the hired paparazzi? ;-)

Babyboss Pictures said...

Jiok : Haha...I got two shirts. And they are both mine! haha...

Orchid : Yes, I love chicken...A LOT!!! When they toured, I was left alone waiting to get back onto the bus to the next destination. The only best segment of the tour was Genting...when I had some few hours to be alone...sipping coffee under heavy fog!