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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Micky Yoochun's Birthday Party @ Sayang DBSK

I was invited again to another TVXQ's Micky Yoochun's birthday party event last Saturday. This time, organised by local TVXQ fanclub, Sayang DBSK, the event was attended by some 90+ girls and 4 guys, including me. It was held at the Saloma Bistro along Jalan Ampang, KL. I arrived there at 2pm sharp and the hall was already filled with their guests and was immediately ushered to the VIP table together with two other guys from the Korean Press.

Sayang DBSK's president, Azira, approached and greeted me and asked me if I could share a word or two about the boys (TVXQ). And I agreed. And so the event started with a welcome message from Azira, followed by me. I think I made many of them envy me when I said I was moving around with them when they came. Haha... Overall the event was awesome, everyone had fun especially when they danced and sang along when the TVXQ video was played.

Anyway, here are some pics courtesy of Sayang DBSK and some from the members' personal cameras.

Sayang DBSK president, Azira, giving her opening speech.
VIP guest, Babyboss, sharing a note about the boys during their visit here to Malaysia.

Seated here at the VIP table together with the journalist from Korean Press and Angelyna (on my right).

Lucky draw!

Sayang DBSK members having a great time!

Photo with Yi Won. with Wei Ling.

More pics with Sayang DBSK fanclub members.

With Poh Yi and friends.

The group photograph.


cassiopeia said...

hihi ...
im angelyna.. the girl who sitting beside you in the party...^^

thx for coming to our party..
haha yea i think most of us are envy you because u are with tvxq when they come over..^^"

lastly ..thx again...
if you need more pics in the party i can send it to u later on..haha or mayb thro msn?!..hehe check out our video in youtube also!!
---take care---

Babyboss Pictures said...

Angelyna : Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yes, if you have more interesting pics, please email them over. Thanks! :)

cider said...

DBSK fan club? whoa.guest of honour somemore..geng