The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Friday, September 21, 2007

Someone Jinxed My Car AirCond [Non-Photography Related]

My faithful car has been with me for so many years now and this has never happened before. Here is the story...

I picked up this someone (not suppose to reveal her name) for lunch today. Yes, lunch was awesome, got this done and got that done. Time to send this someone back, got to my car and got it started. It started and the engine died after 2 secs. That is not normal! But nevermind, at least it restarted and we drove off. Had to stop by at two more other places to pick u stuffs.

Here is the "mystery"...the air-conditioning system! It worked and then died and then worked again and then died again and then re-worked again and then died and worked again...and so forth. It was like this throughout the whole journey, from PJ State to Bangsar, back to PJ State and finally drop off at UM. I told this someone that something must be wrong cause this aircond experience has never happened before!

So we agreed, if after dropping her off, my aircond performs normally, then there must be something about her that my car aircond didn't like. And guess what? After "Miss Someone" got off the car, my aircond only died once (at the UM gate) and then it work perfectly well all the way till I got home 20mins later!

I am speechless! One possible conclusion is, if I ever want to pick her up again, I would have to change my car! Miss Someone suggested a Myvi. Well, Myvi, Savvy, Kenari or Ferrari...thay all run on 4 wheels.


KJ said...

well.. myvi is a nice car. :)
and oh , too bad for the 'miss someone' who just cant click with your BMW. lol.
and i hope the aircond is as perfect as ever now? :D

Kim said...

Can I guess that your car is not a Wira? Coz proton cars are known to have everything horrible except their air-cond. Hahaha... Well, I get what you mean, stuff like that happened before, except that I've jinxed one particular guy into accidents before (minor ones though). Oh dear. Like car breakdown or minor crash. Haha. Oops, I shouldn't be laughing. *wriggles nose*

Babyboss Pictures said...

kj : yes, indeed i do like myvi very much. in fact, I prefer myvi over the ferrari.

yeah, "miss someone" has sophisticated chemistry...aparently she is "sikologi". well, i guess i will just have to start saving up for a myvi! lol.

KJ said...

haha i didnt know a psychologist can communicate well with a non-living thing !
she must be really good :)
is she a doctor?

Babyboss Pictures said...

kj : this miss somebody claims that she has that "saikik" power to even communicate with non-living things! she even demonstrated her "communication" with my aircond...she actually commanded my aircond to shutdown and restart. and it did!

yes, she is really good.

Babyboss Pictures said...

kim : yes, my car is not a Wira or any protons. wahlau, you are lagi teruk...u jinx ppl into minor accidents, breakdowns and crashes! u better not jump into my car!!!