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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nikon D3

before i made the decision to get my hands on the d2x, i asked myself the golden question, "what happens when a new d3 gets launched?". my golden answer, "if a d100 can help me earn a living for the last 5yrs, then surely a d2x can double that". so, i bought a d2x about a year ago. and guess what...the Nikon D3 is finally launched now.

so, would you be thrilled? its a "nice to have machine" but definitely not a "must have". you can read all about its great features but here are just a few that i'd like to focus on.

FX full-frame format : i guess image quality is better but then how much better is better? if image quality is more than 35% more superior than the current d2x, then the "better" is quite substancial. otherwise, no big deal. furthermore, i tend to enjoy my 1.5x factor on my d2x (and a 2x on high speed crop mode).

9fps : i got all the shots i needed at 8fps during my recent Japan Super GT Championship 2007 shoot at Sepang Circuit.

3" LCD screen : obviously the larger the better. its nice to have 3" but 2.5" is already a huge boost from d100's.

and all the other gizmos. estimated retail price is around USD4,999 and that's a whopping RM17,000 just for the body! i'd like to have this new baby if i have 100k in my bank account screaming "spend me, spend me"!!! otherwise, its just gonna be ma d2x for someme time.

here are some beautiful images of this new D3 (from dpreview)

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