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The Official Car Sticker

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shooting Photo vs Video

I am a photographer, I started as a photographer and my Babyboss Pictures business card says that I am one. But I also shot video and venture into small video production some years back with a Panasonic 3CCD DVC15 camera and Pinnacle Studio editing suite. Videography never meant to be "for business". But when a video shooting assignment if offered, would you take it up? The money is there! And so...I did.

Shooting pics are far easier than shooting video. The simple fact being a photo "single shot capture" but video is "continuously rolling tape". So, with video, the is almost no chance to "steal a break"!

I just finished a video shoot today running around all over the Times Square shopping mall capturing the activities of the participants of a reality game called "You Are Hired" (probably, the Malaysian version of the US hit show "The Apprentice"). I envied the photographer who was shooting on a Canon 1DmkII. I know have about 2hrs of raw footages to edit while the photographer probably has around 200+ pics to look through.

Which would you prefer to do? Photo or video?

Anyway, bumped into Paris Hilton and grabbed some shots.

Babyboss with Paris Hilton

BabyKJ..."playing hide and seek" with Paris Hilton

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