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The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CMG Royale Birthday Party @ Club De Vegas

Seldom we get to celebrate our own "in-house" celebration parties cause our celebrations are always after one particular concert, with sponsors and other VIPs to "please". But last nite, well not exactly last nite but September 25, we had our own celebration party. The royale birthday of the two CMG bosses (means my bosses lar), Albert Yuen and Chee Meng.

Party was held at the very prestigous Club De Vegas (next to Berjaya Times Square). Awesome place, super porsh...probably catered for the rich and famous. The moment we arrive at the main lobby, we were instantly greeted by some very professional formally dressed guest relation executives. We were instantly ushered to the lift (yes, they have an in-house lift) and was taken to this huge room where we finally (yes, "finally"...cause it was quite some walking distance from the lift) greeted with familiar faces of our own teamates and friends of CMG. Time was 10pm. We left Vegas at almost 2am but the rest stayed on and partied till 5am!

Here are some pics.

The two birthday boys at their birthday cakes.

Here comes the buffet "siew yook"...unlimited servings...yummy!!!

Babyboss with his seafood yee mee! Yummy too!

Flooding the place were close friends and associates from Magnum Corp., Chivas Regal, Astro, Absolute Black Production, Station-1 and many more from the showbiz industry. Picture here is the MyFM group (from left-right) : Veron (Jack's wife), Phoebe (MyFM radio DJ), YuXin (CMG), Jack (MyFM radio DJ), William San (actor), Vivian (MyFM radio DJ) and Fanny (CMG lady bos).

Babes of CMG Absolute Entertainment

Babyboss trying to pool...adui! It looked very easy on Yahoo! Pool, though!!!

Maybe good for Diesel Jeans ad promo!

Great work of art. LOL

The effects of loosing game after game! Stephen from CMG. haha...

The pro in action, Michelle from Absolute Entertainment. I lost TWO games to her!

Babyboss with Club De Vegas PR Manager

And finally, a picture with birthday boy / my boss...Wong Chee Meng.


KJ said...

wei, the whole world knows i cant play pool now.

Tim said...

boss, nice shirt. nice ass too! uwah...