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Sunday, September 27, 2009

SkyTrex Adventure

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to cover a NuSkin event. They made a trip to SkyTrex Adventure at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. It was an awesome 3hrs spent there despite the scorching hot sun (though the tall trees formed good shelters) and the mosquito feeding sessions! It was a great place for such group outings as the environment there was clean and organised.

SkyTrex Adventure provides varying aerial trails which guarantees hours of fun and excitement for people of all ages, though the recommended age is 10 to 50, depending on your physical fitness level. The challenges are not killing but they do require some form of body fitness to complete. So, if you have never done any kind of sport in your life, then this may not be for you.

SkyTrex Adventure is certified by cete Apave Sudeurope, the maian body of control for high rope course and for rock climbing equipment in France. The circuit was constructed and is managed in conformance to AFNOR standards for high rope course.

There are basically 3 adventure trails and 1 "Jump Start" trail where everybody have to go through as part of the introduction and training session. The 3 adventure trails are "Little Adventure" for kids (though adults can also do, if they so prefer to), The Big Thrill and The Extreme Challenge.

You need to be at least 140cm in height and not more than 100kg in weight. The rates are RM25 (Little Adventure), RM35 (Big Thrill) and RM40 (Extreme Challenge). For more info, you can visit SkyTrex Adventure.

Here are pictures from the event.

The group picture before taking up the challenges!

First, everybody take their gears and get themselves strapped up. This is compulsory for everyone who wants to take part in the challenges.

A staff helping a participant strap up her gear

These are really heavy duty gears

All strapped up, ready to go!

The guy in white t-shirt is Julian, the person-in-charge of SkyTrex Adventure, giving a technical briefing to all the participants. Obviously, not everybody was listening.

One last photo before embarking the challenges ahead

SkyTrex technical staff doing a demo on how to use the equipment

Everyone watched attentatively as the demo is conducted

This is the "Jump Start" station where everybody have to go through before taking on any of the actual challenges.

Here you go...doing a "flying fox" stunt some 100-over feet from tree to tree

I think this is the tallest tree you'd ever get to climb safely. Here it is...the first challenge of "The Big Thrill"

A participant completing her challenge

Mid-way of "The Extreme Challenge"

Flying fox in action!

A team after completing all the challenges

The main entrance to SkyTrex Adventure. There is also a "Sky Deck" (on the left) for hanging out.

Overall, an awesome outing. If you want to organise something similar to this, you can contact the management of SkyTrex directly and make your booking appointment. Bookings are highly recommended as they are always very busy in the weekends.
Have fun!

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