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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Evening With Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. A cultural icon, he is commonly known simply as Elvis and is also sometimes referred to as The King of Rock 'n' Roll or simply just "The King". Elvis began his career in 1954. He had a versatile voice and he had unusually wide success encompassing many genres, including rock n roll, gospel, blues, country, ballads and pop.
Of course, as we all know, Elvis is dead. But his legend still lives on until this day with many die-hard followers of his impersonating The King. And in Malaysia itself, we have a few of such impersonators, two of which are my personal friends.
About a month ago, there was this special gathering where all the local Elvises came together and made a simple concert. I was privileged to be the events photographer. Here are some pics.
Some of Elvis' posters and albums on display at the event
The event host was His Sanctuary Glory Church at OUG, KL

Two "Elvises" meeting together. The one of the right is H T Long, my friend and probably the best Malaysian Elvis.

This was the 1st Elvis to perform. Not too bad but movements were a lil slow and voice so-so only lar.

The crowd at the event

This is Alex, also my friend. He is the latest and the youngest Elvis in Malaysia. I think, in my personal opinion, he is probably the best Elvis impersonator thus far. He has great Elvis moves and a superb Elvis voice. Go and search for images of the late Elvis and you will find many similar postures...the bended right leg called "the twist"!

This is "Michael Jackson". And I have no idea what's he doing here!

Another Elvis impersonator. only lar. Weak voice.

This is my bro...H T Long! Probably the 2nd best Elvis impersonator in Malaysia after Alex. But Long is very experienced and a long time Elvis impersonator while Alex is new. But Alex is much younger and always displaying more aggressive moves.

And here we have another Elvis...the senior pastor of HSG Church, Rev Christopher Long!!! Cool, pastor!

"Old Elvis" giving a brand new pair of Elvis shades to "young Elvis". The shades are original merchandise from Graceland, US.

Here we have young Elvis "Alex" in his jump suit, doing this stuffs with his new Elvis shades on!

Alex interacting with the audience

A typical Elvis move by Alex

CD sales were great after the show

H T Long entertaining autographs requests from fans

And the final picture...I introduce to you..."Babyboss Elvis"
For your info, I was wearing Alex's new Elvis shades from H T Long, all the way from Graceland, US.