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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Day Trip To Malacca

Two weeks ago, my church organised a day trip to the historical town of Malacca. The day's agenda consist of two primary objectives, i.e., to attend Ps Edmund Smith's church service on Sunday morning and also to feast on the yummy food of Malacca. Altogether, 14 of us joined the trip and it was awesome. Thanks to my borrowed GPS, we drove around Malacca confidently.

We departed KL at around 8:30am and reached Malacca around 10am. We parked our cars at Mahkota Parade and walked over to church service. And spent the rest of the day waling around the Malacca town hunting for good food everywhere we went. Pictures taken mostly by Mabel's Nikon D80 and some with my Canon IXUS70.

Ps Edmund's church, "Real Love Ministry" (RLM) was a small church of around 20+ people, something like my own church. It was located on the 1st floor of a business area just 5 minutes walk from Mahkota Parade, where we parked our cars. The worship was simple but awesome. The message was "entertaining" but spiritually meaningful.

Ps Edmund was an ex-gay and have lived a lifestyle of homosexuality. But God transformed his life some many years ago and he is now living a happily married life with 2 beautiful children...and one wife. His current core ministry is reaching out to the marginalised community of the gays and lesbians, proclaiming God's sexual wholeness back into their lifes.

After church service, we headed straight for lunch...the famous "chicken rice balls" at Jonker Street. Actually, its nothing special besides the rice being served in the form of "golf balls". Taste wise...ok ler.

Walking along Jonker Street, one will surely bump into this guy...a wooden statue with a grinning face!

And there it is...just bought my new Japanese Samurai "Katana" sword. Two years ago, I bought a Chinese kungfu sword from this same shop in Jonker Street. This Katana looks great with superb carvings on the holder and awesome craftsmanship. Most of all, its only RM25!!!

Colorful flip-flops on display along Jonker Street, a place where you can find lots of beautiful things from handycrafts to t-shirts to girls' accessories to cool shades and of course, flip-flops!

This is the famous "Famosa Chicken Rice Ball" shop.

After a good long walk up and down of Jonker Street, its good time for some superb cooling ice-kacangs topped with awesome "gula Melaka". Again, this shop is full and jam-packed with people but we were lucky enough to find two separate tables for all 14 of us.

And yes, my ice-kacang with "red beans and jagung only" tasted great in a hot sweaty afternoon.

But that was not enough, at least not until I have a go at their Baba Laksa! Considering its a tourist spot, it was not too expensive at RM3.50 a bowl.

A "Malacca trip" will not be complete, not unless a picture is taken here at the famous Christ Church near the clock tower.

Here is most of us, up at St Paul's hill. Everyone seem to be pointing at the same angle...not bad.

The sword means "violence" while the Bible brings in "peace and love". And me...brings in joy and happiness! haha...

Here it Katana fully drawn out in full length. Its coated in black for superior durability and strength!

Oh, here it is again. haha...

Our second last item in the agenda was the visit to Menara Taming Sari. The picture says it all. It takes you all the way up and offers one a superb view of almost the entire Malacca town!

The bird's eye view of Dataran Pahlawan and mahkota Parade

The Eye of Malaysia in Malacca

Part of the Malacca town...the Jonker Street area

An aeriel view of the only public swimming pool in Malacca...a view 100+ feet above ground

Inside the cabin of the Menara Taming Sari

A random pic I took of Shaun using Mabel's Nikon D80. I think its nice...

And the last agenda of the day was a good baba nyonya dinner before we leave. Did a search on the internet and we were led to patronise this restaurant called "Bibik Neo". Funny name it is but the food was no doubt...awesome!

We left Malacca town at 8:15pm and the GPS faithfully guided us through the roads of Malacca town and we all reached home safely.


Carolyn said...

U went to Famosa Chicken Rice Ball?? Not nice la..the original one shud be Hoe Kee. =)

Babyboss Pictures said...

No, I din go to that one. I went to the first shop at the mouth of Jonker Street immediately after crossing the bridge.

fionatpy said...

ahhh. mabel was my secondary schl mate! such coincidence ><