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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Utterly Frustrated

Its Tuesday today, means its May 5, 2009. And nothing happened. The funds for an approved project is supposed to be deposited into my company's bank account on May 5. Because Sdn Bhd bank accounts cannot have ATM cards or online banking facilities, my guy had to literally hang around at Bangsar where our bank is, to constantly monitor the account.

Its already 4:30pm now. Which means the banks are now closed. Nothing happening yet. So, I guess...maybe tomorrow? Or another tomorrow? Sigh. It had been delayed so many times and its now getting a little annoying. I mean, its not a small project, which also means that the figures are huge. And there is so much anticipation and anxiety to this whole thingy.

Yesterday I was at the principal's office and the word given was "besok on". And everyone was all geared up for yesterday's tomorrow. And it turned out "negative". But there is absolutely nothing I can do about it but just...WAIT. And wait. Patience is the rule of the game now. And mine is greatly tested at the moment. Sigh...really TLMCH!!!

Well, we'll see about tomorrow. Stay tuned for my good news! Wishing ourselves "all the best".


yunniera said...

humm...waiting is always being a pain..
but yeah, sometimes we really just have to bear with it..
I am so used to the word 'WAITING' already..since last year, what I always got in return is 'Please wait' or 'Keep waiting'..huhuhu
sometimes during the 'waiting period', i forced myself to sleep early each night, so that the time will pass faster....hahahaha...
crazy isn it? but its true...waiting is always being a pain..and yeah Patience is the rule of the game now...

all I can say...Boss, add in more patience....hehehehe

wishing all of you...'all the best' and hopefully your waiting moment will end very soon..


Babyboss Pictures said...

Yunniera : Yup, waiting can be painful. But I guess I'll just have to wait till it happens. I have no choice. Patience....

auDrey said...

keep the spirit up boss...!!! wah wah...the TLMCH means apa r?i'm guessing

yeah..hope ur waiting period wont last so long..n that ur event can kick start!!!! aja aja fighting!!!

Babyboss Pictures said...

Audrey : I can't tahan for long anymore! Going insane liao!