The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everything Naik

The temperature nowadays is so damn hot. It is expected to be like this till September. Girls, its time to get your bikinis out.
RON97 petrol price will be raised 20 sen to RM2.00 per litre. Effective September 1. Guys, its time to get your bicycles out.
My ROP project funds still not out yet. Latest news today indicates that the funds will be released anytime this week. The stress and anxiety level almost hitting maximum.
Suhu naik. Petrol naik. Anxiety naik. Blood pressure also naik! Mati lar!


진혜인 said...

brother ahh... I agree lor.. Everything increase except Salary lor... My salary also never increase but now I am doing 3 person jobs. For two manager and now I am facing 8 managers....

Idiot company!!!!

Babyboss Pictures said...

Aiyo...poor thing. Change job lor. keke...