The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Sunday Breeze

Lately, as in these last few months, I have always been looking forward to Sundays. I mean, who wouldn't, rite? But mine is a lil bit different cause almost everyday seem to be a "Sunday" for me. I have not been shooting much lately and somehow this has become a trend over the last few years; February to June, are always slow months and very few shooting jobs. The momentum picks up sometime in June and we'll see October to January being busy.

OK, back to my Sundays. With my rather free schedule, I am at home most of the time, thus its a "Sunday" almost everyday! But I get this sense of guilt when I stay at home doing nothing much (besides surfing the net and doing some readings) and when everybody is busy at work or at least having something important to do. So, I get restless on weekdays though I don't actually have much to do.

And when the actual Sunday comes, I feel happy...cause its a SUNDAY!!! And everybody is not working, so I don't have to feel guilty! Saturdays become the prelude to my happy Sundays because I have church services on Saturdays. I teach drums classes on Saturdays. I have jam sessions with my band. Of course, we get into the Word of God. And after all that, we all adjourn for dinner fellowship and chit-chat till night! Knowing that the next day is a SUNDAY!!!

And a Sunday. And I am enjoying every moment of it. Just came back from dim sum brunch, actually lunch lar since it was at 12:30pm. Woke up at 11:15am. Watched TV a bit and drove off for dim sum lunch. Got home and was undecided if I should read yesterday's newspapers or watch Astro or maybe a DVD movie or maybe surf the net (I am currently doing a "study" on Apple's products; the MacBook Pro, iMac, the Airport Extreme Base Station and some of Apple's softwares commonly called "applications"). I decided on the the net and blog.

Couldn't resist to but share with you guys my latest readings...BMW catalogs! My hands got too itchy and cannot tahan liao, so I made a visit to Sapura Auto, a BMW car dealer (Auto Bavaria's main competitor). Wanted to go see the 335i Coupe, sit in it and "feel" it. I also wanted to find out more about the M3 Coupe and 645i Coupe (but now no more 645i but a 650i). Unfortunately, the only car in my list that was in display was just the 320i Coupe; same body size and interior with the 335i Coupe.

Brought home some catalogs and the new 2009 price list. These are great reading materials for my long toilet sessions. It encourages the mind and stimulates the bowels to "perform". 80% of the time reading with 20% of the time actually "performing".

The weather this afternoon is cloudy, looks like its gonna rain...again. Nice strong breeze with a great view from my 17th floor condo unit, reading my catalogs! I wonder when I can actually go place my order for a 335i Coupe. Hmmm... Sunday is a good day to dream...

Will go catch a DVD movie now. You have a nice Sunday too.

The new BMW catalogs...335i, M3, 650i and the X5. My new reading materials.

High quality glossy pages. Printed in Germany.

The new 2009 price list. The 335i Coupe @ RM499k; M3 Coupe @ RM729k, 630i Coupe @ RM789k and the X5 3.0 @ RM569k.

The balcony of my condo unit, 17 floors up into the sky.


angie ong said...

aiseh ... sendiri take photo sendiri. nice one.
waking up schedule changed from 10am to 11am? how lucky?! ur like a housewife married to a rich guy, free all the time.
well, enjoy ur life!

Anthea said... scare of height ahhaha

Babyboss Pictures said...

ANGIE : Yea, for the moment is am actually quite free. I also hope I am married to a rich guy! LOL Well, hopefully my project starts asap, then can be busy...and slightly richer! keke...

ANTHEA : You know what, I have now after so many years, gotten used to looking down from 17th floor. But I get heights phobia again when I go up to 18th floor and look down. Its just one floor up and it makes a world of difference! said...

No money, no talk for car. Been car-less forever now.. :(

Babyboss Pictures said...

KIM : You dun have car but you got driver!

By the way, rich people always say they got no money while the not-so-rich people always brag about the little that they have!