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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DCIM Show 2009

The DCIM Show 2009 just ended last Sunday and I guess it was a huge success since it was packed with photographers of all sorts from first day (Friday) till last day (Sunday). It was held at Mid-Valley's exhibition centre. "DCIM" stands for Digital, Camera, Imaging, Media.

I am not sure if this DCIM thingy was an annual affair since I seldom visit these exhibitions because they are always crowded with photographers, many of them are either hobby shooters or professional "want-to-bes". You will see many of them coming with all sorts of funny gears especially the flash units, with bowl-like disfusers.

One would also get to see the hungry faces of photographers when its model shooting time! This round, they had the "Velocity Angels 2009 Search" modelling competition where local celebrity model Amber Chia was one of the judges and my fellow blogger friend, Kim Ong, the MC. As expected, the catwalk was jam-packed (and I mean REALLY jam-packed) with photographers from corner to corner. I could not even squeeze my one arm through to get just one pic of the stage. But if you want to see more pics of the event, please visit DCIM Show 2009.

On the overall, there were really not much exciting stuffs to see besides the booth from Scuba Symphony Sdn Bhd who sells underwater photography equipment like UW casing, strobes and stuffs. The guy from Scuba Symphony, Kenny, was very experience and accomodating. Apparently, he himself is a licensed scuba diver and a fellow photographer too! I learnt a lot from him regarding diving and the world of underwater photography and the equipment used. A check with him, I found out that the UW casing for my Nikon D2x costs RM16,000 plus! But he advised that I should start underwater photography using small compact digicams first before moving onto DSLRs. I am now tempted to buy a good Canon G10 compact digicam (around RM2,000) and the UW casing for it (around RM4,500), and go get my diving license from PADI. And start diving and shooting!!! Watch out for this blog, there may new underwater pics coming soon. Woohoo...

OK, back to the DCIM show. Well, like I said, all the rest of the booths are the usual stuffs like booths from Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Fotokem, Energizer (yes, batteries), Kingston, Scandisk, etc. Nothing new, all the same boring stuffs. I guess the most happening and exciting of the show was the Velocity Angels competition where photographers get to go trigger happy and firing all the way like there is no tomorrow! I guess its because I do photography for a living and have shot enough fashion catwalks, the one at DCIM Show didn't get me excitied at all. What was more interesting was to witness those "hungry faces" of the photogphers shooting at the catwalk.

I was there at the show around 2pm and left the hall around 45 minutes later. I spent most of my time there at Scuba Symphony. Hehe... Bumped into a few fellow pro photograhers, chat a lil bit. Then walked over to my next "dream shop" in Mid-Valley...MACHINES! Checked out their latest MacBook Pro and the iMacs. Then over the Coffee Bean for a drink and then home I went after that.

Interesting Sunday. Here are some pics from the DCIM Show 2009. All images were shot with Nikon D2x at ISO1600 setting with no flash.

The front of the Nikon booth. They also displayed the flagship Nikon D3x (selling at around RM26,000)

The Nikon telephotos for your "playing" pleasure.

The Canon booth.

The uncrowded (maybe because it was "unpopular") Epson booth.

Mega printers!

The crowd during the Velocity Angels catwalk modelling competition.

Avid photographers use all ways to get a good view for the catwalk shoot.

The Nikonian booth, with free modelling shoot.

Photographers of all sorts came and went trigger happy. I was surprised (and still am) to see a fulltime professional photograher also shooting in this crowd.

Scuba Symphony Sdn Bhd, the underwater expert.

UW casing for digital compacts. They around around RM3k-5k each, depending on camera model.

Larger UW casing for DSLRs. They all cost way over RM10,000 each!

An underwater camera with a single strobe (flash light) attached.

A small and simple photo exhibition at the show.

Booths from Photographic Society Of Malaysia (PSM) and Photographuc Society Of Petaling Jaya (PSPJ). Personally, I am an "Associate" with the Royal Photographic Society in United Kingdom (RPS).

The DCIM Show 2009 main entrance.

The show was at Mid-Valley's exhibition centre.

For some of us (outstation and overseas readers) who have not been to the Mid-Valley, here is a picture of its centre court.


Yun Yi said...

O.o ok...i regret for not knowing about that show and not being able to be there.

arghhh! T_________T

anyway, thanks for the update Michael. Though I can't be there, well at least i got to know what was going on there :D. Thank youuuu~

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yun Yi : You didn't miss much actually.

Yun Yi said...

oh really? but the pics u posted look interesting~ haha that's y i tot i missed a lot :p

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yun Yi : Well, a good photographer can transform anything ugly into beautiful images! keke...

Yun Yi said...

EXACTLY!!! *thumbs up*

Babyboss Pictures said...