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The Official Car Sticker

Monday, February 23, 2009

TVXQ 2007 - Behind The Scenes

OK, here is the last compilation of pictures for the TVXQ 2007 tour in Malaysia. These pictures were taken days before the concert showtime, i.e., the stage setup time, the crew at work and the last few pics of the concert.

Though I was there with them at "Dao Rae" (the korean restaurant but not sure of the spelling) after the concert for the celebration party, no photography was allowed there. So, I just ate and ate, with my camera nicely tucked in my bag!
The stage at 40% complete.

The stage at 80% complete.

The "car" still not fully assembled yet.

Full view of the mega stage structure.

The main control area for sound, lights, video playback and recording.

The Korean sound engineer at the Midas Heritage 3000 mixing console.

Other sound peripherals like EQs, compressors, signal processors, etc.

Oh, a nice sweet looking babe at the concert.

The main control area in action just before showtime. All hands on standby!

The main sound control.

Lighting console and engineers.

Overview of the full stage during showtime. Massive crowd!

The "car"!!!

Two Toyota Alphards ready to send the boys to "Dao Rae" restaurant. Do you see who's in white?


miamihero said...

oh my, that was hot yunho in white lol! The correct spelling is 'Dao Rae'. :)))

Im so so so envy of you. &&& thank you so much for posting this up! :D

cassiopeia said...

oh my god...
you have so many pictures!!
it's bravo!!
anyway thx for posting out..

Babyboss Pictures said...

Miamihero : Thanks for the spelling.

Cassioppea : Actually, the total pictures shot during that week of the concert (from setup to KLIA to reherasals to showtime) was almost 5,000 images!!! The concert nite itself was some 4,000 shots. But after selection and deletion of bad shots, the final compilation now is around 1,000 pictures.

3verlasting_fen said...

-random visit- xD

Babyboss Pictures said...

fen : Yes, you are right! Markah penuh!!!

3verlasting_fen said...

yahoo! got any present for guessing it right? LOL!!!! xD

Babyboss Pictures said...

Fen : Erm...Starbucks on me!!! :)

W.N.Izzaty said...

KYAAAAAA!!! Yunho ~~

btw, where's d exact location for dao rae? koreans r so lucky, come to malaysia n still able to eat their food, heheh.

Babyboss Pictures said...

IZZATY : Dao Rae is in Kepong.

W.N.Izzaty said...

oh, ok, next time when they come here i'll tunggu siap-siap kat sana. haha.

3verlasting_fen said...

Boss.. post me the Starbucks to New Zealand ya~ xD

Babyboss Pictures said...

FEN : The Starbucks vouchers here in Malaysia are NOT applicable in NZ lar! Wait lar, you come back then I belanja!